The Daily Show Caught Donald Trump Lying About His Meat

“The Daily Show” just caught Donald Trump lying about his meat and other assets, during what may very well be one of the strangest victory speeches in the history of American presidential races.

After he had won primaries in Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii, Trump went on to assemble a pile of meat, wines, a pyramid of bottled water, together with one magazine to make a point that he is a successful businessman. The reason?

As Vox reported, back in 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney had said that Trump was really bad at running companies, but was good at running them into the ground. Romney mentioned Trump’s steak company and magazine as failures.

Not content to let this go, Trump felt the time had come to put things straight. He assembled meat, water, and a magazine onstage at a Republican primary victory speech to show his skills at running businesses. He even challenged the press to check the facts, when he claimed 100% ownership of the largest East Coast winery:

“In fact, the press. I’m asking you, please check.”

So the team at “The Daily Show” did. And this is what they found:

“Trump Winery is not owned, managed or affiliated with Donald J. Trump.”

“There is no such thing as Trump steaks […] There used to be Trump Steaks. Back in 2007 Trump used to sell them though the Sharper Image Catalogue[…but…] they literally sold almost no steaks.”

“There was a Trump Magazine. From 2007-2009 they published about 10 issues […]. Jewel of Palm Beach [which Trump held in his hand claiming to be Trump Magazine] is basically the brochure for Trump resorts.

“Trump Water is just generic bottled water he slapped his name on.”

So the meat, the pyramid of water, the bottles of wine, and that one magazine that Trump brought onstage to prove that he’s a great businessman, were basically all big hoaxes. According to “The Daily Show”s finds, it only proved his relationship with truth to be a little… different…from ours.

The segment ended with Jordan Klepper reminding us that this is the man coasting to the Republican presidential nomination.

Featured image by Benjamin Horn, available under a Creative Commons 2.0 license.