Obama Burns Ted Cruz And It’s Awesome!

President Obama welcomed the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife to the White House state dinner Thursday night. There were many Canadian celebrities in attendance. But the best part was Obama making jokes about Ted Cruz.

Obama began talking about how the United States and Canada are both lands of opportunity. He turned the conversation to the Republican hopefuls. He made a particularly good jab at Ted Cruz for not being born here. He talked about how people are making it in both countries:

“We as a people are committed to the principles of equality and opportunity. The idea that if you work hard and play by the rules you can make it if you try no matter what the circumstances of your birth in both of our countries.”

Obama turned toward Ted Cruz and landed a great burn at the candidate’s expense:

“We see this in our current presidential campaign. Where else could a boy born in Calgary run for president of the United States?”

Obama has had to put up with the Republicans doubting his heritage during his whole presidency. There was one Republican that even called for Obama to be deported. It’s time a Republican got a taste of their own “birther” medicine. Especially since Ted Cruz really was born in another country.

Obama also talked about how Canada will be welcoming to us if Trump wins:

“Where else would we see a community like Cape Breton, Nova Scotia welcoming Americans if the election does not go their way? And to the great credit of their people, Canadians from British Columbia to New Brunswick have, so far, rejected the idea of building a wall to keep out your southern neighbours. We appreciate that. We can be unruly, I know.”

Featured image by BeckyF via flickr.com, available under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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