Ever Wonder What Ted Cruz Is Really Thinking? Now We Know

If you have ever wondered what Ted Cruz was thinking at certain times, well now we know. With the political climate getting more violent, thanks to the likes of Donald Trump and his violent rhetoric, sometimes you just need a little humor. Thanks to the people at Bad Lip Reading, we get a funny take on his words as well as a hilarious look inside his mind.


Screengrab via video
Screengrab via video

One of the funniest moments comes between 2:35 and 3:28 when Cruz ends by saying:

“I don’t want to ask who the baby daddy.”

This has already been a long campaign and it looks to drag out even longer. Between Cruz taking to social-media to attack President Obama, to Trump events being shut down due to the possibility of violence, if there was ever a time to need a little humor it’s now.

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