Women Deserve To Have More Bodily Autonomy Than A CORPSE!

via viralwomen.com
via viralwomen.com

That’s right, ladies! It is still YOUR body even when there is a baby inside it. This brilliant retort to a pro-life message talks about a woman’s bodily autonomy as a reason to be pro-choice.

No one can force you to give blood without your approval. You can’t donate lifesaving organs from a corpse unless the person consented before they died. So, a pregnant woman is not entitled to control what’s going on in her body? Yes, the pro-lifers want pregnant women to have less rights than a CORPSE!!

No woman should be forced to give away that autonomy for 9 months for a child that is not even a person yet. The majority of abortions are done in the first weeks of pregnancy where the fetus is more like a lump of tissue.

Many countries make abortion illegal under any and all circumstances. Recently, there was the story of a ten-year-old sexual assault victim in Paraguay that was forced to carry her FATHER’S baby to term. She was forced to give up her bodily autonomy AND risk her life for a child that she didn’t want. The U.N has said that they think denying abortions as inhumane.

recent study looked at the myriad of reasons women have ended pregnancies. They reasons range from health problems to money troubles to relationship troubles.

But, it really shouldn’t matter what reason you have. Ladies, you deserve to have a say in the decision to have or not have children. For those of you that choose to end a pregnancy, you deserve to have the procedure performed at a properly regulated, safe clinic. You also deserve access to affordable contraception as well. Your pro-life friends may not agree, but us pro-choicers still want to give out affordable contraception and prevent abortion because pro-choice is NOT pro-abortion.

Featured image by Torsten Mangner via flickr.com, available under Creative Commons 2.0 license.

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