Home Depot Founder Just Gave Trump The Most Hilarious Quasi Endorsement Ever

Primaries are so much fun. Endorsements come with the utmost confidence in the chosen candidate, as well as the utmost hatred for their primary opponent(s). They hate The Donald and love everyone who’s not The Donald. And then it happens…someone wins, the rest lose, and endorsers start walking back their words in subtle and hilarious ways.

Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone started out behind New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in January. When Christie suspended his campaign less than a month later and threw his support behind Donald Trump, Langone moved on to Ohio Governor John Kasich, which is where he has remained since.

When Kasich officially suspended his campaign yesterday, Langone was left with a decision: Trump, or cross the aisle to Hillary Clinton, which he had already said he would never do. So Langone chose Trump. Kind of.

“I think he’ll do a hell of a good job. At least I’m hoping.”

Nothing shows confidence in a candidate more than saying you “hope” he’ll do a good job. With The Donald having all but locked up the Republican nomination, it appears we’ve entered the post-primary magical land of backhanded half-ass endorsements. It’s a great time to be alive.

It’s like if your favorite football team loses the conference championship, and now it’s the Super Bowl and you have to pick between the team that beat your team, and the Patriots. Then someone asks you who you’re rooting for. Imagine how you might respond to that question. That’s how Republicans feel right now about endorsing Trump.

Langone continued:

“I believe that when the world looks closely at Hillary, they’re going to start asking or at least the Americans are going to start asking questions about what the hell’s going on here.” (emphasis mine)

When the world looks closely at Hillary Clinton. Former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. When the world looks closely at her. Is it possible that any candidate in history has ever been more vetted than Hillary Clinton?

This is what gives Clinton her biggest edge over Trump: staying power. Elections turn when people learn something new about their candidate and the independent voters sway, but it’s a fair bet you won’t learn much about Clinton that you haven’t heard at some point in the last 20+ years that she’s been in the public and media spotlight.

On the other hand, there’s at least a video or two of The Donald that he hopes certain factions of the Republican Party never, ever see. So make sure you share this with them.

Featured image by Mike Licht via Flickr, available under Creative Commons License 2.0

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