Oh Happy Day! Jon Stewart May Be Back On TV Before November Elections (VIDEO)

What could be better than watching Donald Trump fail spectacularly during the general election season? Watching Jon Stewart’s take on it all, of course.

It’s been a lonely, desolate election season without Stewart’s brand of comedy to temper it, but that may be coming to an end. HBO’s CEO made the announcement to cheer liberal hearts today.

“Former ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart might be coming back just in time to give his unique perspective on a wild election special. HBO CEO Richard Plepler suggested Stewart might be on air at the premium cable network before the election in November, during a Paley Media Council interview Thursday with CNN’s Brian Stelter.”

For those who lived under a political rock for the past twenty years, Jon Stewart hosted The Daily Show on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2015, and the host’s absence has been felt deeply ever since. Stewart signed a deal last year with HBO, home of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” who was a Daily Show correspondent before moving on to host his own very successful show.

Just imagine Stewart’s take on Donald Trump. There’s sure to be the same biting, relevant, hilarious comedy to come!

To relive Stewart’s best moments from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” see the video below:



Featured image via Flikr by Peabody Awards available under a Creative Commons license