Move Over Sons Of Anarchy, These Bikers Have An Important Message For Kids

It’s no secret that testifying against an abuser is a hardship for a child, and it could be the hardest thing they will ever do. The biker club Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) seeks to bring courage and comfort to child victims.

As Baca President, Chops, said:

“We give them the empowerment to say, ‘This is who did this to me. We’re not speakers for the children, and we’re not counselors. We’re more like rocks of emotion for them. And we let them know that, while we’re around, nobody’s going to mess with them.”

BACA uses their physical presence to let children know that they are cared about and protected. One biker named Rembrandt told AZ Central:

“The biker image is what makes this work.”

Though they look rough around the edges, BACA’s website clearly states that they do not condone acts of aggression or violence.

The organization works closely with law enforcement and state agencies to ensure the abused child receives the best support possible. BACA works on a referral basis, only lending their services to a child if social services or law enforcement deem the child is feeling unsafe in their environment.

Once the case is filed, and the communication has been negotiated, then the nearest BACA chapter meets with child and family. The chapter presents the the victim with their own biker vest, patch, and a road name, symbolizing their acceptance as a  member of the biker club.

When time comes for the courtroom, BACA escorts the family and surrounds them in the courtroom, bikes included. But the services of BACA don’t end in the courtroom. Once you’re a BACA kid, you’re with the crew for life.

The organization’s core belief, is that every child deserves to feel safe. As Chops says:

“If you call a BACA chapter, we’ll ride and sit in front of that house until that child feels safe again. We’re there 24/7 for our kids – no matter what.

Featured Image via Video.