WATCH: Jon Stewart RIPS Donald Trump On The Axe Files And It’s AWESOME!

Jon Stewart is reportedly preparing for his new show on HBO, but stopped by to tape a segment on “The Axe Files,” hosted by David Axelrod, and didn’t hold back while talking, Trump, Clinton, and the rest of the 2016 presidential election.

Stewart really, really doesn’t like Donald Trump. In fact, the former host of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” called Trump a “man-baby” and blasted Trump’s constant rhetoric decrying “political correctness” and what Trump sees as society’s ease to offense and inability to just “get over” racism, xenophobia, and sexism.

“The whole idea of political correctness is ‘Everybody’s so sensitive. Just get over it.’ You know, why should African-Americans be so sensitive about police shootings?

Donald Trump couldn’t handle us making a joke about him. Vanity Fair, Graydon Carter did a joke about Donald Trump’s hands 25 years ago. He’s still not f*cking over it.”

Stewart also didn’t hold back in his feelings about the campaign of Hillary Clinton for president, although he acknowledged her vast superiority as a candidate to Donald Trump.

“What I think about Hillary Clinton is, you know, I imagine to be a very bright woman without the courage of her convictions, because I’m not even sure what they are. And maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a real person doesn’t exist underneath there. I don’t know. That is not to say that she is not preferable to Donald Trump, because at this point, I would vote for Mr. T over Donald Trump.”

To see the full live taping, watch the video below:


Featured image screengrab via YouTube