We Already Had The Revolution: His Name Is Barack Obama


His name is Barack Obama. He righted our sinking ship. Our economy was rusting for 8 years on the ocean floor under a Republican President. Obama brought that vessel of hope through real change back to the surface — where we’ve been riding on much calmer water ever since.

  • Unemployment down from over 10% to under 5%
  • Deficit slashed by more than two-thirds
  • Bush-era tax cuts for the mega rich stopped
  • The Affordable Care Act passed — ensuring twenty million MORE Americans are covered
  • Marriage Equality is now the law of the land

President Obama’s foreign policy and diplomacy have garnered back much of our goodwill and standing the planet over. We might not yet be loved, but we are liked again. That’s huge!

Let’s get to the tangibles shall we? Obama killed Bin Ladin, halted the Keystone pipeline, got us out of Iraq and mostly out of Afghanistan, ended Iran’s nuclear program, set us up for oil independence while advancing solar and wind energy, stopped the gun show loophole, and demanded background checks. Barack has made us, and the entire world much safer.

Hillary Clinton was by his side the entire time.

You can either agree, or dispute it using factual references. If you cannot cite references to back up your position, then you need to just be quiet.

Thanks to Trump being the GOP’s presumptive nominee now that Ted Cruz and John Kasich have dropped out, the extreme rightwing racist Republican Party is down and almost out. But their climate of hate is on the rise.

That is why we keep saying NOW is the time for us to crush them! Crunch the numbers, we have what it takes. We must take them out of the equation. Denial and desperation are their last common denominator, so let’s multiply that by a factor of progressive possibility.

Sure, it will get ugly, the multitudes of science deniers are growing in numbers due to Republicans forcing their electorate to shun education. They don’t play fair. They never will. Clinton is the only one who knows how to play dirty enough to decimate that level of dank and darkness. Clinton is the one who will carry on the real revolution — The Obama Legacy.

SHE’s who HE wants. Why do you no longer trust our President given all he’s done for you? ESPECIALLY given the difficult red tide of corrosive radicalism which tried to drown us with GOP underhanded tacks and jibes?

I trust my President. He has set us back on course. She will sail us further into the Light away from the Right.

What we need now is a BLUE TSUNAMI. And she’s gonna be one hell of a wave.

If we thoroughly knock the crap out of the Republicans in November, they will either rise up with their 2nd Amendment penis-extenders, only to be droned down en masse, or fold up their tiny tinfoil tents and go home. A defeat won’t do it. Not even a close win will. We need a woman in charge. We need the mother of all elections to put these racists, bigots, and sexists back in their places. And it’s my guess, Bernie Sanders and his equally formidable revolution will join forces with Clinton and give us the storm of the century.

We must DESTROY the evil pseudo-Christian Conservative ignorant GOP Party of hate. NOW is the time to fight — all hands on deck with every bit of our political arsenal. We are a battleship when we pool together all that comes with her. It really is time for Clinton.


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