Florida Mother Has Holy Sh*t Moment While Changing Son’s Diaper

Katy Vazquez lives in Winter Park, Florida, and like many of us, she says she often gets bogged down in the drudgery of modern life. As she recently wrote on her Facebook page:

“Sometimes in our busy, crazy, hectic lives, we forget how wonderful our God is. Today I feel as though he sent me a sign. Saying everything will be okay. I’m right here by your side.”

What was that sign? Her son’s dirty diaper. Take a look:


Vazquez went on to write this to accompany the photo of her son’s poopy diaper:

“This sign came in the oddest form. My babies poop. I went to change his diaper, and he pooped a cross. It might not be the prettiest sign, but he put it where he knew I’d see it. In my babies diaper. Lol. Hard to miss what’s right there in front of you.”

Others on social media began adding their thoughts to what Vasquez had put on her page, with one perfectly noting:

“Holy shit!!!”

But Ms. Vazquez was not quite finished finding a deity in dookie:

“If you can, or want to, feel free to share the message. That God is with us. And he gives us signs to let us know that things will be OK. It’s not always the prettiest sign, but he puts it where he knows we’ll see it. We’re good most of the time, but God is good all the time.”

Once again, truth proves stranger than fiction. You just can’t make this shit up!

h/t The Friendly Atheist

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab