New Republican Survey: ‘If It Is Trump Vs. Clinton I Will Be Voting For Hillary’

Donald Trump (R-N.Y.) is facing a bit of a dilemma. He needs to soften up the Republican donors he once accused of buying politicians, in order for them to give him the $1 billion he needs to cover the election campaign until November. And they are not having it.

According to New York Times, this is what one of the party’s biggest financiers, hedge fund manager William Oberndorf, had to say:

“If it is Trump vs. Clinton […] I will be voting for Hillary.”

A survey consisting of interviews and emails with more than 50 of the Republican Party’s largest donors, or their representatives, revealed that Oberndorf is not alone in rejecting Trump. As New York Times puts it, they all feel:

“A measure of contempt and distrust toward their own party’s nominee that is unheard of in modern presidential politics.”

Nine of the 50 GOP key donors said unambiguously that they will contribute to Mr. Trump. But when Lisa Spies, the well-known GOP fundraiser, was interviewed on FOX last month, she predicted the size of the donations to be smaller than usual:

“They’ll write it, but they won’t necessarily make a large investment.”

Trump Wants $1 Billion From The Donors He Once Mocked
Trump Wants $1 Billion From The Donors He Once Mocked. Lisa Spies on FOX, Screengrab Via YouTube

Spies usually starts fundraising day one of a campaign, while Trump only started scheduling fundraisers last month. Until now, he has famously been funding his operation with a mix of his own money and small-dollar contributions.

Trump has also alienated the Republican establishment when mocking the concept of wealthy donors whom he claimed controlled politicians. Although it may have seemed like a good move at the time, discrediting all other presidential runners, in particular Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), the strategy is now backfiring.

It has been previously noted that perhaps Democrats will indeed win thanks to Trump, since so many in the Republican Party are against him. If this survey is any indication – this might just be the case!

Featured Image By La Real Noticia Via Flickr, Used Under A Creative Commons License/Public Domain.