ABOUT TIME! Some In The News Media Are Starting To Call Out Trump For His Bullsh*t (Videos)

For almost a year now, many in the news media have quietly acquiesced and been  willing partners as Donald Trump lied his way to the Republican nomination. He was great for ratings and clicks on websites (yep, I include myself), and he was even funny at times when he called Jeb Bush “low energy” or chided Marco Rubio as “little Marco.” But now that this very same idiot is halfway to the Oval Office, some in the reporter’s ranks are deciding it’s time to call the Donald out for his repeated lying and refusal to answer questions about what he would actually do if elected.

Yesterday, CNN’s Jake Tapper took exception to Trump’s attempt to bring back long-ago disproven theories about the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s connection to the death of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster. Tapper looked into the camera and said:

“To be clear, the notion that this was a murder is a fiction borne of delusion and untethered to reality and contradicted by evidence reviewed in at least six investigations, one of them by Ken Starr, hardly a Bill Clinton defender. To say otherwise is ridiculous and, frankly, shameful. Again, this is not a pro-Clinton position or an anti-Trump position. It is a pro-truth position.”

Watch the video of Tapper’s full statement:

Just a few days earlier, on the Trump-friendly MSNBC show “Morning Joe,” co-host Mika Mika Brzezinski told Trump he was focusing almost exclusively on “hatred and fear” in his rhetoric:


The latest to hold Trump’s feet to the fire for his incessant lies and half-truths is “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, who appeared on the “Today” show this morning saying that Trump is a massive hypocrite for trying to make a big deal out of Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities when in the 1990s he defended Clinton and said the women who were accusing the former President were “losers.” Trump also said at the time:

“Look at the trouble Bill Clinton got into, with something that was totally unimportant — and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense.”

Todd said this of Trump:

“I don’t know why people give him a pass on this. I mean, I asked him, I said what Trump do we believe? What you said about Hillary Clinton five years ago, or what you say about her now?”

The “Meet the Press” host also called Trump “a walking contradiction,” adding:

“He has contradicted every single attack he’s made on the Clintons. You can find sound to contradict it. It doesn’t touch him.”

However, Todd concluded, there is a way for Hillary Clinton to use this to her political advantage:

“If (Hillary Clinton) can make the case that, you know what, he’s just like every other politician. That is the most dangerous description you can have if you’re Donald Trump — it just hasn’t taken hold.”

Actually, Trump is much worse that a politician. He’s a predatory businessman who has been ripping people off for decades, paid little or no taxes, and now wants to screw this country the way he has every person he has ever had a dealing with.

Here’s Chuck Todd on the “Today” show earlier this morning:

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