VIDEO: Ben Carson Claims Trump Is An Instrument Of God

You remember Ben Carson, don’t you?

The former neurosurgeon-turned-Presidential-wannabe has turned his limited powers toward supporting Donald Trump. Go figure.

Carson sat down with the Hill to discuss his role in the Trump campaign.  He said that he wants to continue to help the campaign, but in a supportive rather than a key role.

Carson was asked whether it seemed strange to be singing the praises of a guy who absolutely tore him down during the campaign. Sure, Carson said, but he’s OK with it. The interviewer asked if Trump had ever apologized, and to his great credit, Carson didn’t burst out laughing.

Instead, in his familiar soft-spoken way, he simply stated that the two had talked and that Trump had explained why he said the things that he did. Carson seemed to accept the fact that his new leader had once compared him to a child molester and said that he had a “pathological disease.” Carson said that Trump was just doing what politicians do.

“They are almost like someone who’s drowning; they’re grasping for straws, for anything you can get to find a way to stay on top.”

Not such a high opinion of the person he’s promoting.

Then Carson talked about Trump’s faith, which has been questioned by a lot of evangelical church types. Carson has a great reputation as a solid Christian, so it makes sense that he’d be the one to talk about how “spiritual” he thinks his boss is becoming. Clearly, the Trump people are hoping to convince some doubting Christians that The Donald is their guy.

Apparently the quote above is still true in terms of what politicians will do to “stay on top.” Carson told The Hill that he really thinks Donald Trump is beginning to believe in a higher power. He was asked if he had ever seen Trump on his knees in prayer. Carson said, with a straight face:

“I have not seen him, but I have eyewitnesses who have.”

I guess this is supposed to be irrefutable truth, told in true politician-speak. “I haven’t actually seen it, but someone I know says that he did. So it must be true.”


To top off this whole religious charade, Carson also added that he thinks of Trump as an instrument of God.

“I tell him (sic), just last week, that I believe God is using him.”

It might not be proof that Trump has gotten the Spirit, but it sure is proof that God has a sense of humor.

You can see the entire interview below.

Featured image by T.J. Hawke via Flickr. Available through Creative Commons License 2.0


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