Trump Campaign Kicks Reporter Out Of California Rally For Being A Journalist

At at Donald Trump rally held last night in San Jose, California, the Trump campaign forcibly removed a reporter for Politico even though the reporter had a ticket for the event.

Ben Schreckinger was also denied admission to a Trump election night event in March, and Thursday evening he was was ejected by a Trump campaign staffer and a private security guard. The Trump campaign had denied Schreckinger press credentials for the event, so he attended the rally by obtaining a general admission ticket.

The ejection of Schreckinger is the latest move by the Trump camp to restrict the press in what is an unprecedented fashion. And it seems especially odd since Trump is fond of letting the cable networks run his speeches live. Perhaps Trump is afraid a reporter might ask questions of supporters which would further prove just how racist and hate-filled his acolytes are.

Politico editor Susan Glasser said in a statement:

“Once again the Trump campaign has refused to allow a Politico journalist to cover a campaign event, this time physically ejecting our reporter from a rally as he typed on his laptop.

“If this is an effort to squelch independent coverage of their campaign, it will not work. Such actions constitute a violation of the basic right of a free press to report and as such the Trump campaign has a responsibility to let journalists do their job.”

Carla Marinucci, who is a California-based reporter for Politico, said she was also approached by a Trump campaign staffer. The staffer suggested Marinucci was there to “disrupt” the rally:


Trump and his hired thugs who enforce his whims are scared to death of the press because they know that journalists are not afraid to point out his lies and expose the fanatical rage that burns deep inside of his rabid supporters. But even if he never allows another reporter into one his rallies, the press is onto him, and will continue to call him out.

Featured Image Via Josh Edelson/Getty