WATCH: Baltimore Police Union Shows No Respect For Freddie Gray (TWEETS)

In April of last year, a young man named Freddie Gray was arrested by Baltimore Police, apparently without incident or injury. He was taken by van to the Western District police station, with several stops along the way.

He was not secured in the van. Somewhere along the line, his spine was 80 percent severed.

After protests erupted in Baltimore, and amidst many steps and missteps by nearly every party involved in the arrest, death, and protest (here is a timeline to spark your memory), it was decided that the so-called “Baltimore 6” would stand trial.

The most serious charge was cast on the driver of the van, Officer Caesar Goodson, Jr., for allegedly giving Gray a “rough ride” on the way to the police station and failing to secure Gray in his seat.¬†Goodson was charged with second-degree depraved-heart murder.

On Thursday, Goodson was acquitted of all charges.

While any reasonable person would think this to be a time for solemn celebration for the police, considering it was all related to the tragic death of a young man who was under their protection, the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) thought they would go in a different direction.

They decided to offer a toast to the defense team for beating the charges, with no respect to the family and friends of Freddie Gray.

Screenshot via Twitter: @FOP3 (tweet was deleted early following morning)

On a side note, this is exactly the reason why some people should not be allowed to use memes. They weren’t even done yet. They next went after Marilyn Mosby, the City State’s Attorney, who is prosecuting the Baltimore 6.

Photo via Twitter: @FOP3
Photo via Twitter: @FOP3

Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis quickly condemned the remarks:

“Inappropriate, insensitive remarks or attacks that serve to detract from our necessary relationships with our community and criminal justice partners have no place in our City.”

City Council President Jack Young called for the Baltimore FOP to issue an apology to the City of Baltimore for the insensitive tweets. As of this time, no apology has been offered.

It’s one thing to be happy that your colleague gets to go home. When a person dies as a result of police negligence, whether intentional or accidental, and no one is held accountable for that negligence, it’s no time for a victory lap.

Featured image by Fibonacci Blue via Flickr, available under Creative Commons 2.0

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