SHOCKING: Fox News Claims Hillary Clinton Is A Batterer, Beats Up Bill

The Hillary Clinton smear-job book by former Secret Service Agent Gary Byrne has been slammed by his peers as both untruthful and unethical, but there’s nothing not to love about it if you’re Sean Hannity.

Clinton abuse smear
Image via YouTube screen grab.

As part of his hour-long fawning over Byrne Monday night (that also included a new way to blame Clinton for Vince Foster’s suicide), Hannity helped promote the questioned and questionable story that Hillary repeatedly assaulted Bill.

In the video below, Hannity urges Byrne to elaborate on a previous anecdote about a “horrendous fight” between the Clintons that included a broken vase on the floor.

From the Fox News transcript:

“HANNITY: You didn’t finish the story about the vase because that morning, he came down after that vase was broken, and he had a black eye that—like a big black eye.

BYRNE: Sure. Sure. So after the incident when he came—the next time I saw him in the Oval Office, he had a mark under his eye. You could see they were trying to hide it with makeup.


HANNITY: The Secret Service had to decide whether or not…

BYRNE: Right. Right.

HANNITY: … his own wife was a physical threat to the president.

BYRNE: Right.

HANNITY: How big of an issue was that?

BYRNE: It was a concern. I’ve discussed it with other officers at the time, and agents. What do you do about a domestic dispute? What if—what if…

HANNITY: What was the answer?

BYRNE: Each situation is different. You know, you have to protect the president, the protectee, and you have to protect the first lady. But you know, if he gets caught with some woman and she goes ballistic, then what happens happens.”

The Daily Beast has a nice rundown of all the reasons we should at least question everything Byrne says. One big reason is that Byrne has been denounced by his own former colleagues.

According to Politico, the president of the Association of Former Agents of the United States Secret Service, which rarely issues any public statements, issued one that blasts Byrne. Furthermore, Politico reports:

“The book has rankled current and former members of the Secret Service, who don’t like anyone airing their business in public — but who also take issue with Byrne inflating his role. Byrne was a uniformed officer in Bill Clinton’s White House. But that’s the lowest level of protection within the White House and around the president.

People familiar with West Wing security laugh at the idea that Byrne or any uniformed officer ever would have walked in on Bill Clinton anywhere, whether in a meeting or, as a New York Post article over the weekend claims, in the middle of a make-out session in the Map Room with the late daughter of former Vice President Walter Mondale. The Secret Service presidential detail would have stopped him. (That affair was a well-worn rumor during the Clinton years, though strongly denied by Eleanor Mondale, who died of brain cancer in 2011.)”

But, of course, Hannity never challenged a word Byrne said.

Watch it below from the June 27 Hannity show.

(H/T New Century Times)

Ellen Brodsky is a long time blogger for and a contributor to Crooks and Liars. She has also worked as a researcher for Brave New Films' landmark documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism" and "Iraq for Sale."