15 Obama Successes That Made The GOP Lose Their Minds – And Him A Cool President

Many people are unhappy with our cool president, Commander-In-Chief Barack Obama, sitting in the White House as our nation’s leader. Republicans have tried to stop him from getting things done during his entire administration. I’m going to list some of his accomplishments for you. This list includes some of the less obvious accomplishments, as well as the larger ones.

1. Healthcare Reform

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the only reason I have insurance right now. If the Health Care Marketplace didn’t exist, I wouldn’t have any insurance. Also, the ACA removed the restrictions on preexisting conditions. A**hole Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is trying to bring back these restrictions.

The act also added coverage for preventative services, maternity care, and newborn care.

2. Auditing Government Contracts

The president signed an executive order during his first week to order an audit of all government contracts. The goal is to make the spending more efficient.

3. Major Job Growth In His First Year

During his first year in office, President Obama added 2.1 million jobs and stimulated the economy by 3.5 percent. The unemployment rate dropped 2.1 percent. Since then, America is still seeing an unprecedented streak of job growth.

4. Eliminated Osama Bin Laden

In 2011, President Obama oversaw the take down and killing of Osama Bin Laden. Twenty-three U.S. Navy Seals killed Bin Laden during a raid on one of his Pakistani compounds.

5. Repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

In 2011, Obama got rid of the 17-year-old discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” law in the military. Gay men and women are now allowed to be open and serve in the military. The law originally banned openly gay men and women from serving.

In 2015, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, said that he would be open to transgender people serving in the military. Hopefully, we can make more progress in this department for years to come.

6. Fuel Efficiency

In 2012, he introduced a plan to make all cars more efficient, and to make gas cheaper. He wants cars and trucks to have 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025. So far, most cars have a fuel efficiency of between 35 and 40 miles per gallon.

7. Launched Making Home Affordable Plan

The Making Home Affordable plan offers help to homeowners who are struggling to make mortgage payments. The website offers counseling support for homeowners, and referrals to other programs.

8. Limited White House Access To Lobbyists

His plan banned people in the executive branch from receiving gifts from lobbyists. People are not allowed to be a lobbyist for up to two years after they leave the White House, Congress, or the Senate.

9. Raising Minimum Wage For Federal Contractors.

Obama raised the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. He said:

“Hardworking Americans — including janitors and construction workers — working on new federal contracts will benefit from the Executive Order (EO),” the White House said in a statement. “Some examples of the hardworking people who would benefit from an EO include military base workers who wash dishes, serve food and do laundry.”

10. Job Growth

As of February 2016, the unemployment rate dropped below five percent for the first time in more than eight years. As of the end of June, we’re at 75 months of straight job growth with 14.5 million jobs added, and no signs of slowing.

11. Supreme Court

He made two liberal appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States. First came Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who is the first Hispanic person, and the third woman to serve on the Supreme Court. Next, he appointed Elena Kagan, the fourth woman to serve.

12. Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

In June of 2015, the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage the law of the land. None of the bad things that Republicans said would happen actually happened. We are all still alive, and bestiality is still illegal. We survived and the RWNJs are pissed.

13. Streamlining The Visa Process

The president sped up the process for immigrants getting visas. Forty-percent of our Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or their children.

14. First Chief Information Officer

President Obama created the office of Chief Information Officer to monitor federal Information Technology (IT) spending. From their About page:

“The CIO Council aspires to promote a bright and prosperous future for the United States through the strategic use of Federal IT. It seeks to drive efficiency and effectiveness across Government, spurring innovation, protecting and defending our resources and more effectually bringing Government services to the American People.”

15. Credit Card Reform

President Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure (CARD) Act in 2009. Obama said:

“With this new law, consumers will have the strong and reliable protections they deserve.  We will continue to press for reform that is built on transparency, accountability, and mutual responsibility – values fundamental to the new foundation we seek to build for our economy.”

The law banned unfair rate increases and fee traps, as well as increases on existing balances.

Check out this video for more of the amazing things our president has done:

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