Thanks, Obama! Healthcare, Jobs, It’s All Obamas Fault Says Republicans (VIDEO)

If you ask any conservative, they will tell you that Obama is the worst president ever. He ruined everything. The country’s going to hell. The sky is falling. Not everyone deserves healthcare. Trump will save the day.

Obama has done such a bad job. Look at these stock numbers going up.

The unemployment rate has dropped. How dare Obama get us jobs?

We have been hearing a lot about the “war on police.” However, there have been fewer cops killed in Obama’s administration than in Reagan and Dubya’s administrations. One veteran writing under the name “Clayton Jenkins” said:

“The War on Cops is a grossly inaccurate response to recent police killings which are on track for another year that will rival the safest on record. Gunfire deaths by police officers are down 27 percent this year…”

Here are the statistics on police shootings:

He’s at it again with the unemployment rate:

Here is another graph showing how many jobs Obama created:

This one has been floating around the internet for a while, but it gives you a nice summary:

You’ve got to love the numbers. They don’t lie. He has done such a good job during his terms.

Obama is also responsible for this:

Daily Kos reminded us just how bad it has been under President Obama by writing these observations:

“Undermining the sanctity of Newt Gingrich’s third marriage by letting gay people get married. Only reducing the annual spending deficit by 800 billion dollars per year. Failing to maintain a 9-person Supreme Court by creating such enmity with the Senate that they won’t even consider his nominee. But really, it’s just too overwhelming.”

Here is another one. Obama caused two Sharknados. He must be a horrible president:

Seriously, Republicans. Obama has not been that bad of a president. I wouldn’t have healthcare right now if it wasn’t for him.

Here is a video from The Young Turks tackling this issue:

Featured image via The White House, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Public Domain Mark 1.0 license.

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