CNN SOURCE: You’ll Never Believe What Trump Was Doing At Midnight Last Night (VIDEO)

The peculiar behavior of Donald Trump (R-NY) last night could spell big problems for his campaign in the future.

Donald Trump
Image via Michael Vadon, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

In case you missed it, Trump announced today that his running mate will be Governor Mike Pence (R-Ind.). It may be a good strategic move. As CNN noted, Pence helps shore up Trump’s Republican cred, especially with social conservatives. Pence will probably help with fundraising, too.

But no sooner had the announcement been made, trouble in paradise erupted, big time!

Today, CNN’s Dana Bash tweeted that Trump was rethinking his choice as late as midnight last night.

A few hours later, Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News confirmed it.

All this followed a previous day of veepstakes drama in which the Trump campaign couldn’t seem to keep its act together about who was on second, so to speak.

On CNN today, Bash elaborated to host Brooke Baldwin:

“We’re hearing that even after Donald Trump made his formal offer to Mike Pence and even after Mike Pence had flown from Indiana to New York, Brooke, Trump was still having some second thoughts to the point where we are told that around midnight, eastern, […] he, Donald Trump, was calling some senior advisors, saying, ‘Is this a done deal? Is it too late to change my mind, to back out?’ And the answer was, no.”

Bash said she was not told Trump definitely wanted to change his mind, but the conversations showed his uncertainty. She also said the Trump campaign has vigorously denied the report.

However, Bash stuck to her guns. She pointed out that Trump had told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren that he had not yet made up his mind, even after it had been reported that he had.

As I posted on NewsHounds, Trump refused to discuss his pick on Fox’s “The O’Reilly Factor” in the next hour, saying he was putting off his announcement out of respect for the terror attack in Nice.

Bash summed up why this will likely be a turning point in the Trump campaign:

“Donald Trump is somebody who has become Donald Trump because he’s gone with his gut. And his gut has led him to the most successful life, both in business and now in politics. And this is a decision that he did not make with his gut. He made it based on what was politically practical, what people around him were telling him to do and he’s not used to following his gut [sic].”

“We’ll see down the road if this really watershed moment in his campaign and in his life will bear out his gut being right or listening to what’s practical.”

Wouldn’t you love to know who leaked this information and why?

Whatever the reason, it looks like Trump’s latest partnership has serious problems before it has even begun.

I’ll try not to gloat too hard.

Watch Bash’s CNN report below:

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