Harrison’s Estate: ‘If It Had Been Beware Of Darkness, Then We MAY Have Approved It’ (TWEETS)

The Republican National Convention (RNC) in Cleveland carries on offending legendary musicians and their families. This time, by playing a beautiful George Harrison Beatles ballad, without their permission. Donald Trump has already offended the remaining members of Queen by playing “We Are The Champions” without their approval. He can now add the Beatles to the list of prominent musicians he has insulted.

As Trump’s daughter Ivanka entered the stage at the RNC on Thursday night, she was accompanied by the song “Here Comes the Sun.”

It was the final night of the RNC in Cleveland and the Estate of the late George Harrison, the songwriter ofHere Comes the Sun tweeted this:

The George Harrison estate shortly followed that Tweet with another:

In life, George Harrison was a thoughtful, caring and charitable man. His Estate is still donating royalties to orphans in Romania and various other charities. This is a far cry from Trump’s campaign and attitude towards immigrants, which is greatly lacking in compassion.

The mere fact the estate made it public that they are offended by its use at the convention, reveals how much they oppose Trump’s political views. The second tweet confirms, the George Harrison estate views Trump as a “darkness” of which they should “beware.”

It seems many artists are feeling frustrated by Trump’s unauthorized use of their tunes and it seems quite insensitive to have done this to both George Harrison and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury, when both are no longer with us.

It is also little known that George Harrison personally helped to fund the Monty Python film The life of Brian, a satire of Christianity and the Bible. Harrison contributed $4 million to the project, which offended many religious groups at the time. We can be sure Trump’s Evangelical supporters would not approve.

The RNC is finally over, hopefully that means the end of offending musicians, by attempting to use great music to sell his brand.

View the RNC using the George Harrison song here:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube And Flickr/CC by SA-2.0.