NCAA Could Move Future Tourneys Based On Host Cities’ Discriminatory Laws (VIDEO)

The NCAA is sending a clear message to any potential host cities for its numerous sporting events: no LGBT discrimination. In fact, they want to ensure it by sending a survey to all cities bidding to be future NCAA venues. The cities must fill them out by August 12.

The announcement comes directly after the news that the NBA is pulling the 2017 All Star Game from Charlotte, North Carolina, in response to the anti-transgender bathroom bill HB2. The bill requires transgender individuals to use restrooms that coincide with their biological sex instead of their gender identity, and has been widely condemned by both the political and business communities.

The survey asks if the state or municipality has policies banning LGBT discrimination and whether any laws prevent individuals from using the restroom or locker room of their choice.

On top of the NBA issue, North Carolina is now having to deal with the NCAA mandate. The city of Greensboro is scheduled to host the second and third rounds of the Men’s Division I basketball tournament in March 2017. As of yet, the NCAA has not said whether or not the new requirements will affect Greensboro’s ability to act as a host city for the tournament.

But this news should make North Carolina officials nervous. After losing billions of dollars in business investment, the withdrawal of the NBA All Star Game, and potentially losing billions in government funds, the state could lose even more money.

And it is their own fault. After all, a question on the NCAA anti-discrimination survey asks:

“Does your city, county/parish and/or state have provisions that allow for refusal of accommodations or service to any person?”

The answer from North Carolina and other states that felt the need to waste taxpayer dollars by passing ridiculous discriminatory legislation is yes. And because of it, they stand to lose millions in economic opportunities.

They made their beds, and now they must lie in them.

Watch a clip detailing the story here:

Feature image via Youtube screengrab.