Incompetent Trump Blames Campaign Chaos On…The Press (VIDEO)

No matter what happens, no matter how badly he screws up, Donald Trump in incapable of admitting that he’s responsible for the sorry state of his numbers in the polls, which continue their downward slide.

This week, Trump seemed to threaten the life of his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, and then maintained for two days that President Obama was the founder of the terrorist group ISIS:

At a rally in Fairfield, Connecticut, Saturday evening, Trump attempted to blame the sorry state of his faltering campaign on the media, pointing to members of the media and telling supporters:

“These are the most dishonest people. Maybe we’ll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them.”

And yet the very fact that Trump was campaigning in Connecticut–which is a deeply Democratic state Trump is highly unlikely to win–points to the larger complaint from other Republicans who say the Trump campaign strategy makes no sense. Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak noted:

“It’s asinine that he would be in Connecticut holding a public rally less than 90 days before the election. You don’t see Hillary publicly campaigning in Idaho and Mississippi. I have to think this proves the candidate is running the campaign, which explains why it’s such a disaster of biblical proportions.”

Trump has also been setting the stage for his impending loss on November 8, repeatedly saying that should he lose, it will be because the election was “rigged.” Apparently he is also unable to read the poll numbers which show rigging and cheating are totally unnecessary when dealing with a candidate as incompetent as him.

Nothing can be taken for granted, and those who fear what Trump would do as President must show up and vote on Election Day, but it becomes clearer with each passing day that Donald Trump and his run for the Oval Office are doomed and have been since he announced his intention to run over a year ag0.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screengrab