Let’s Celebrate Left Handers’ Day! (VIDEO AND TWEETS)

Today (August 13) is Left-Handers’ Day. To celebrate, I’m going to give you lots of information about being left-handed.

Lefty Facts

To start with, here are a few facts about Left-Handers:

1. How Many Of Us Are There?

Around 10 percent of the world is left-handed. Men are more likely to be left-handed than women.

2. History

Historically, left-handed people were considered inferior. Teachers tried to force left-handed students to write with their right-handed.

3. Back-Handed Compliment

We say back-handed compliment to mean an insult disguised as a comment. It used to be called a “left-handed” compliment.

Famous Lefties

1. President Barack Obama

Yes. Our awesome president is left-handed.

2. Leonardo DaVinci

The famous artist behind The Mona Lisa and many more paintings and inventions was a southpaw.

3. Tom Cruise

The actor known for Mission Impossible and for being a Scientologist is a lefty.

4. David Bowie

The late musician was left handed as well.

5. Neil Armstrong

The astronaut who walked on the Moon was also a southpaw.

Leftie Struggles

Here are some things that we lefties can relate to:

1. Trying To Find The One Pair Of Leftie Scissors.

In school, you could never find the left scissors. If your class had a pair, they usually sucked.

2. If You Write In Ink, Your Hand Will Be Covered In It.

It happens with any kind of writing utensil. Pencils. Pens. Markers. Dry Erase Markers. I can’t write anything without getting ink on my hand.

3. Elbowing People In Restaurants When You Are Trying To Eat

If you have to sit next to a right-handed person in a restaurant, you will likely elbow each other at some point.

4. Tethered Pens

The pens with chains on them at the bank are not placed well for lefties. Also, the stylus on the credit card machines is a pain.

5. Measuring cups

If you hold a measuring cup in your left hand, it will be on the metric side. It can make measuring things very difficult.

6. These desks

We all remember these desks from school. You had to sit diagonally to be able to take notes.

7. Coffee Mugs

The message on your coffee mug is always backwards or upside down. They are all printed for right-handed people.

Here is a video demonstrating some of our problems.

We are the minority, but we are all pretty awesome!


Image via Flickr by Liz West under a Creative Commons License 2.0

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