Career Counselor: Women Who Wear Engagement Rings To Interviews Are ‘High Maintenance’ (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Women often get asked sexist questions in interviews; however, this career counselor is dishing up a fresh new batch of sexism. On August 12, career counselor, Bruce Hurwitz, wrote a blog on LinkedIn titled, “When interviewing for a job, lose the ring!”

He says that women should not be wearing their engagement rings on job interviews, especially if it is a big, expensive ring.

He says that male interviewers see a woman with a large engagement ring and think she is “high maintenance.” Hurwitz is kind of making men look bad. Is that all men think of when buying engagement rings?

Do they only look at how big the ring is?

To me, this is saying that men don’t really care about how much they love their fiancees when buying engagement rings. Do men get asked this question if they wear wedding rings to job interviews?

He even encouraged women to tell their interviewers if they’ve signed a prenup instead of getting an engagement ring:

“So lose the rock!  And, if you don’t have one, but got engaged by signing a prenup, find a way to let male interviewers know that.  They’ll respect you.  (Women may as well, but I’m not certain that this is the case.)”

Ladies on Twitter are not happy with this idiot:

Our lovely Founder and Editor-In-Chief at Liberal America, Tiffany Willis, is a career counselor. She is certified by two certification bodies and has more than a decade of experience working with job seekers of all ages. She said:

“I have hired dozens of people in my career. This is utter bullshit and outright misogynistic. The last concern on my mind is an applicant’s jewelry, or lack thereof.”

When faced with these pissed off women, what did Hurwitz do? He doubled down on the sexism. He wrote another post two days later.

He said:

“…When a man gives a woman an engagement ring, he buys the least expensive ring that he believes it will take to get her to agree to the proposal.  For women it may be a symbol of everlasting love, but for men (when it is expensive) it is akin to a business transaction.  So when a male interviewer sees what appears to be an expensive engagement ring he assumes the wearer is, as I said in the article, “high maintenance.”  He may be willing to have a high-maintenance woman in his personal life; he doesn’t necessarily want one in his office.”

These interviewers need to be less sexist. My relationship doesn’t dictate how I am qualified for the job. Here is some information on why companies should hire more women:

Here is a YouTuber offering some great interviewing tips:

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