Debunking The Top 4 Myths About ‘Aggressive’ Dog Breeds (GIFS/VIDEO)

Unfortunately, there are many sick people in this world who abuse dogs. There was the famous case of Michael Vick training his dogs to fight. Because of stories like that, many people are afraid of Pit bulls and other breeds people think are “aggressive.” Many places don’t allow you to own dogs of particular breeds. Some of these include Doberman Pinschers, Pit bulls, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, and more.


These breeds are not inherently mean. It’s all about how you raise the dog. These breeds are large, strong animals, so they need to be trained from day one. With practice, you will have a sweet, loyal pet.

There areĀ a few myths about these breeds that can be easily debunked.

1. They Are Inherently Mean.

Referring to Pit bulls specifically, this site covers a valid point thatĀ applies to other breeds as well. There is no need to demonize all of these breeds because of a few bad people.


2. It’s dangerous to adopt an adult.

Every individual dog has a different personality. Meet the dog and decide. There is no need to rule that possibility out. It is easier to train a dog when you get it as a puppy, but rescued dogs often display great traits and an eagerness to please.


3. Dobermans Turn On Their Guardians

This is a weird one associated with Dobermans. People think that the Doberman’s brain will swell up, and it will turn on its owner. The only way a Doberman would turn on its owner is if it was abused.

This is the author's frightfully adorable Doberman. Such a fierce bundle of joyful, happy dog just begging for a belly rub.
This is the author’s frightfully adorable Doberman. Such a fierce bundle of joyful, happy dog just begging for a belly rub.

4. These Breeds Can Lock Their Jaws

Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin at the University of Georgia did a study and found that these breeds don’t have any different jaw mechanisms than other dogs. They don’t have the ability to lock their jaw at all. These dogs are strong, but they are not superhero dogs.

Here is a video talking further about these breeds:

Featured image of a frightfully adorable Doberman by Natalie Dailey.

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