Twitter Is Ripping Into Trump For His Claim That He Only Weighs 236 Pounds (TWEETS)

Donald Trump paid a visit to Dr. Oz yesterday and appeared on his show. With him, he brought two sheets of paper which supposedly detailed his medical conditions and overall health. One of the “facts” we learned from that appearance with Dr. Oz is that Trump is 6-3 and says he weighs 236 pounds.

But Twitter wasn’t buying the weight claim, and some of the postings on that social media platform are hilarious and reminiscent of the same fat shaming Trump has engaged in over the years:

Oh, and if you were wondering whether or not Trump was deserving of such treatment, consider that Trump fat-shamed Alicia Machado after she won the Miss Universe pageant and gained some weight. The Orange Menace reportedly called Machado “Miss Piggy” and also staged a photo shoot where he told her she had to exercise while pictures were taken.

It’s called karma, Donald. And it’s pronounced,

Featured Image Via The Dr. Oz Show