Jimmy Fallon Went Easy On Trump, Clinton – What Was He Afraid Of? (VIDEO)

Over the last week, both Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and rival, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, appeared on different episodes of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon’s interview with Trump

Fallon has been widely criticized for being too nice to Trump after he messed up Trump’s hair and didn’t really ask many hard-hitting questions, or address his famous controversial statements from earlier on in his campaign.

As Trump walked on, The Roots played 20 feet tall by Erykah Badu, the song choice was most certainly a dig at Trump’s controversial wall plan for the Mexican border. The song contains the lyrics:

Then you, you built a wall / A 20-foot wall / So I couldn’t see.”

The Roots were then noticeably silent and not seen for the interview, perhaps in silent protest.

Besides Fallon commenting on Trump’s recent softer tone and saying:

“You say some shocking things.”

To which Trump replied:

“But I’m trying not to.”

It is obvious with his recent flip-flop and softer spoken voice, that Trump has been told by his new campaign team to change his ways; to be less offensive.

Let’s hope America can remember that a mere few months ago he was insulting the military, women, Muslims, and Mexicans. Being president is about choosing suitable a political leader who can run a country, not someone who can suppress their true feelings about things for the last two months leading up to the election.

In fairness, Fallon defended his treatment of Trump by saying he is nice to everyone on his show.

Fallon addresses Trump’s appearance here, where he is also urging people to get out and vote (more below):


Watch part of the Trump interview here:

Fallon’s Interview With Hillary

Fallon’s interview with Hillary last night, also featured some comedy. The talk show host welcomed Hillary wearing a mask, as a dig at her recent illness. Clinton got the chance to be serious as well, when she asked the important question:

“What kind of country do we want? one that celebrates diversity…  or  bigotry?”

She also points out that Trump is trying to make people:

“…Forget about everything he has said and done.”

Clinton also included the poignant quote from Maya Angelou:

“When someone shows who he is, believe him the first time.”

Watch part of that interview here:


And Fallon joking about her health:


Featured image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.