‘Trump Anxiety’ Is Making US Therapists Rich (VIDEO)

This election season has been unlike any other. This isn’t just simple bickering over policies. A dangerous man is trying to weasel his way into the office of POTUS. He is dangerous, bigoted, and volatile. Many people are honestly scared about what will happen after this election.

Carol Wachs is a psychologist in Manhattan. She started seeing one patient who was having panic attacks because of the election. She comes from a family of Holocaust survivors, and she said:

“… It feels to her like all the stories she heard from her grandparents about how things feel normal and then all of the sudden, oh my God, here we are.”

That patient isn’t the only one. Wachs said:

“If I have seven patients in a day, it comes up in six sessions, maybe five. Sometimes I’ll have a session where people will say, ‘Let’s not talk about what’s going on in the election, it’s so upsetting.’ ”

Fiachra “Figs” O’Sullivan, a psychotherapist in San Francisco said:

“People are scared. People are distressed, and it’s affecting their level of presence in their relationships with their significant others.”

We are terrified and anxious about how Republican nominee Donald Trump will ruin our country. Trump supporters have their own brand of anxiety as well. They have been brainwashed by Fox News to believe that the country is going to disband, and they must get all of the guns to defend themselves.

Their anxiety is real, but Trump doesn’t offer any decent solutions. When the crime rates spike in some cities, Trump’s cries of restoring law and order sound very appealing. However, the violent crime rates are down in this country, they still don’t believe it. We need to be trying to find peaceful ways to get crime down.

Trump wants to make the tension worse.

The Dallas News reported:

“Trump gleefully risks inflaming tensions, perpetuating injustices, and destabilizing already fraught relations in our cities. Saying that Black Lives Matter activists are responsible for the murder of police officers, or suggesting he might ask the attorney general to monitor them closely, is not helpful.”

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