Post-Debate Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Kicked Some A**! (VIDEO/TWEET)

Last night, the presidential nominees finally took to the debate stage. The polls are in, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton killed it. She completely slaughtered the whiny, orange Buffalo chicken wing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The polls show that 62 percent of people who watched the debate felt that Clinton won. Only 27 percent of people said that Donald Trump actually did well in the debate.

Viewers (including me) said that Clinton expressed her views more clearly. She had a better understanding of the issues than Trump does.

When asked about who appeared more sincere during the debate, Clinton won against Trump 53 percent to 40 percent in the CNN polls. Around half of the people polled said that their choice of candidate to vote for had not changed. Good news: 34 percent of people who watched the debate said that they would be voting for Hillary Clinton.

The viewers also said that Clinton would do better handling foreign policy 62 percent to 35 percent. Around 51 percent of people said that they favored Clinton’s approach to economic issues.

This is the third widest margin in any CNN or Gallup debate polls since 1984, when Gallup started. The 1992 debate between George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ross Perot. Clinton won that one by a large margin. The first debate between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney also had a wide margin, but it was actually in favor of Mitt Romney.

The Public Polling Policy’s post-debate survey said Clinton beat Trump 51 to 40 percent. This is scary to me that it was that close. Donald Trump got annihilated, and he should’ve gone down more in the polls. Thirty-nine percent of people who did the survey said that it made them less likely to vote for him.

A columnist for the Chicago Tribune, Rex Huppke, said:

“He was loud, rude, allergic to facts, quick with a lie, thin-skinned, boastful, often unintelligible and petulant.”

“He was all the things his supporters love in him — a bully, an outsider (or at least an insider masquerading as one), a straight-shooter (with a crooked rifle) and a man unafraid to stand up to those sniveling politicians who waste their time doing things like preparing for presidential debates.”

Here is the Daily Show’s coverage of the debate right after it ended:

Featured image via YouTube video.

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