Marco Rubio’s Back – And Still Being An Idiot (VIDEO)

Not content with letting fellow runner-up Republican nominee Ted Cruz creep back into the spotlight alone, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is back in the news. Not surprisingly, it is for something extremely hypocritical.

Florida Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez died in a boating accident on Sunday. Rubio took to the Senate floor to pay tribute to the 24 year old, touting his story as a classic tale of the “American Dream.” Speaking about the man who first came to our country as an illegal Cuban immigrant, Rubio said:

When Miami saw Jose on the mound, they saw more than just a great athlete. They saw their hopes and dreams and aspirations, all we are and all we could be. And we said to ourselves, ‘This is what the American Dream looks like. And boy, is the American Dream alive and well.'”

While Rubio’s comments on Fernandez pay tribute to a young man who had his life cut short far too soon, Rubio’s recent actions and statements do not mirror his sympathy. Despite representing a state with a huge number of immigrants, Rubio’s policy proposals and passed legislation are completely at odds with his language regarding Fernandez’ story.

During his unsuccessful run for the Republican Presidential nomination, Rubio stated that he would not support pathways for illegal immigrants to become citizens. He also stated he would do nothing to enhance protection against deportation.

In April, Rubio signed legislation in Florida to make it more difficult for Cubans to be granted refugee status and receive government aid, such as Medicaid and food stamps.

In short, Fernandez’s story was a tale of the true American Dream, and Rubio would have kicked him out of the country as soon as he could.

Rubio’s hypocrisy is not surprising: this is the man who called Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump a “conman” and “dangerous,” and then endorsed him anyway. Regarding Jose Fernandez, Rubio needs to realize that his actions speak louder than his words.

Watch Rubio’s entire speech about Fernandez below:

Image is a YouTube screengrab.