Yikes! Doctor Accused Of Making Kids’ Vaccines From The WEIRDEST Stuff (VIDEO)

A doctor in Chicago has been suspended over allegations that he makes his own unlicensed vaccines from ingredients as unlikely as cat saliva and vodka.

Investigators visited the surgery of Dr. Ming Te Lin in the suburb of Flossmoor, after complaints that he was making and administering his own, home made vaccines to children.

He has been accused of falsely signing state papers over a 10-year period, to say he was administering approved medicines, when in fact he was using treatments he concocted himself.

His records show he was regularly treating infants and children. One of them was a seven-day-old baby.

When the inspectors from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) went to his office, they found a cluttered, unsterile back room. In it, they claim they also found:

“…A box filled with vials and tubes that [Lin] was using to make his own vaccinations.”

Dr. Lin, who is set to appear before a disciplinary hearing on October 11, has not responded to media interview requests. However, the investigators say he told them he gave vaccines in nasal or oral form in cases of autism, eczema, and neurological disorders.

He also admitted that he sometimes added alcohol to his vaccines, as well as saliva from a cat’s mouth, which he extracted with a swab. He added that he uses a device called the WaveFront 2000, commonly used in homeopathic medicine, to detect and eliminate toxins such as mercury from the vaccines.

According to the doctor’s entry on the Vitals medical search site, he is an allergist and immunologist who graduated from Taiwan Medical College. He has won accolades sponsored by Vitals, such as the Compassionate Doctor Award and Patients’ Choice Award. His page also shows a number of glowing testimonials, such as:

“Dr. Mingte Lin, of Flossmoor Illinois, is the best physician & healer I have ever gone to! Twice I was very ill and Dr. Lin gave me his homeopathic natural remedies which were SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and VERY HELPFUL.”

“Wouldn’t trust anyone else. My kids love him.”

“I have never known a better, more caring doctor. Dr. Lin is the absolute best!”

It would appear that Dr. Lim was practicing his own variation of traditional Chinese medicine, with a dash of homeopathy thrown in. Chinese medicine is frequently derided and treated with suspicion, but it pre-dates Western methods by several thousand years and several of its tenets have been proved effective by authorities, including Harvard Medical School.

This video takes a look at some ancient Asian medical techniques:

Featured image: Carlos Reusser Monsalvez via Flickr/Public Domain