Fifty Shades Of Grey Author Makes The Line Very Clear (TWEETS)

After a plethora of memes surfaced on the internet stating that Trump’s foul language and description of sexual assault was no worse than people reading E.L. James bestselling novel, “Fifty Shades Of Grey,” the author attacked back with a tweet that put them in their place.

Trump’s hidden comments that surfaced over a week ago from a taping of Access Hollywood with Billy Bush is a specific example of how America perpetuates rape culture. Trump was recorded saying things like “grab them by the p***y,” and “I moved on her like a bitch.”

All of these statements, regardless of whether he was speaking the truth or just having “locker room talk” with another guy, are all completely inappropriate and disrespectful, something a possible future President shouldn’t be caught saying.

It is astounding that the real issue of rape, sexual assault, and respect for woman has been diverted by the conservative base of Trump fans, and turned into a war of words.

We as women and men of this country need to stop comparing words with words and look at what condoning behavior of a wealthy self-entitled businessman does to the views and actions towards women in this country. Can you imagine how our men will turn out being raised under the opinion of a man that thinks to disrespect a woman behind closed doors is just “something a man does?”

Unfortunately, the “Fifty Shades defense,” has become a common thing this election season in an attempt to cover up the real issue behind Trump’s words.

As a nation, we need to stand together and say that this type of behavior in anyone, especially someone wanting to be President, is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Featured Image Via YMC

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