The Media Isn’t ‘Rigging’ The Election Against Trump! He’s Doing That On His Own! (VIDEO)

It is so fun to watch the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump crash and burn to the ground. Last weekend, the biggest scandal of the campaign broke. Some audio from anĀ Access Hollywood special in 2005 leaked. In it, you can hear Donald Trump talking about kissing and groping women without their permission.

Trump dismissed this as “locker room talk.” We know better, Donnie. According to new polls from ABC/Washington post, 48 percent of Republicans believe that Trump has made unwanted advances against women. Among independents, that number is 71 percent.

Oddly enough, many people say that seeing the tape doesn’t change their minds about voting for him.

Here is a graph of the poll results:

Polls via ABC/Washington Post
Polls via ABC/Washington Post

Trump has tried to deflect the scandal by bringing former President Bill Clinton’s infidelities back into the spotlight. It’s not working. About 55 percent of people say that Donald Trump’s treatment of women is a serious issue.

A CBS poll asked voters in 13 critical states similar questions about this scandal and Trump’s treatment of women. On that subject, 70 percent of voters don’t think Trump respects women. This is 73 percent of female voters and 66 percent of male voters.

Out of the Republicans polled, 53 percent say that prominent Republicans are un-endorsing Trump forĀ political motives. Only 13 percent attribute this to their actual principles.

Surprisingly, many of Trump’s base of supporters still say they are voting for him. I don’t see how this is possible after all of the accusations against the candidate.

Subsequent polls may likely change now that more women are coming forward saying Trump groped them or harassed them in other ways. Trump already has a low chance of winning, so losing these voters will be bad for him.

We need to take a stand against this nasty, vulgar man. We can’t let him win the presidency. He will shame this country.

The polls show that Trump is losing in some swing states:

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