This Moron Is In Favor Of A Tampon Tax Because… (VIDEO)

Ryan Williams, a teenager in the United Kingdom, is taking a stand against feminine products that he obviously knows nothing about. He is in favor of an extra luxury tax on tampons and pads, also known as the “tampon tax.”

Williams says that women should be able to “control their bladders” and not need tampons. This poor boy is in need of an anatomy lesson.


This 19-year-old is just so confused that people are telling him to get an anatomy lesson. Williams actually said:

“I saw a post about ending tampon tax and I was so annoyed I had to have my say.”

“People are saying tampons shouldn’t be taxed because they are a necessity but why can’t those women just learn to control their bladders?”

“If they are going to bleed then they should wait until they get to the toilet. It’s all about self-control.”

“If you can’t control your bladder then that’s not the taxpayers’ problem. I don’t urinate everywhere and expect free nappies.”

“If you make tampons free where do you draw the line? They’ll be going about petitioning for toilet roll to be free next.”

He actually called women who are in favor of ending the tampon tax “cheapskates.” This kid needs a sex-ed class ASAP. He doesn’t seem to realize that we can’t stop our periods. We can’t hold it in.

Williams set up a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for his “biology lessons,” but it was removed.

This story is happening in the U.K.; however, we have similar problems here. Back in March, Chicago got rid of its luxury tax on pads and tampons.

Here in the United States, about 40 states still place extra taxes on periods. These products are essential for women. Trust me, if we could stop our periods we would. We shouldn’t have to pay extra for things we can’t control.

Here is English comedian Russell Howard’s take on this ridiculous tax.:

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