Ivanka Is Filling Her Father’s Shoes By Outsourcing To Sweatshop

Despite Ivanka Trump’s recent campaign stunt where she attempts to show that her and her father, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, care about producing better lives for working people, one of their many overseas contractors has been found to provide less than human working conditions for Ivanka’s footwear line. It seems Ivanka might be filling her father’s shoes quite nicely.

One of the Chinese footwear factories that have reportedly made over 130,000 pounds of Ivanka Trump brand shoes, also has the highest reports of workplace mistreatment that even breaks some of the Chinese labor laws.

Employees and former employees of Xuankai Footwear Ltd., located in the Houjie area of Dongguan in China’s Pearl River Delta, complained about shifts as long as 16 hours, little sleep between shifts, and overtime pay that was half of the fair amount. One former employee who only made it hours at Xuankai stated:

“I couldn’t do it. I was too scared.”

When there wasn’t a rush order involved, employees reported that they worked twelve hours a day with two hour long breaks and only received two full rest days a month. Those were the requirements to work at the factory, and since many of the employees would be destitute without their positions with Xuankai, the workers do what they must. Former employee going by the name of Tian talked about the longer hours no one pays attention to by saying:

“We got to sleep for six hours. If we worked until after three in the morning, we could start the next day at 9:15.”

Ivanka Trump’s business partner Marc Fisher also uses this particular factory in China for all of his footwear orders. Other designer names that are linked to Xuankai include DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger.

Trump hasn’t come forward to speak about these claims, and though one excuse might have been her lack of knowledge of the factory’s policies, for the daughter of the man pushing for more jobs in America and closed borders, maybe Ivanka should have skipped China altogether and built her shoe line here.

With the way that Ivanka’s father has been dragging the Trump name through the mud lately, it may not be long until Ivanka has to step away from her company also.

With the rising #GrabYourWallet movement to boycott all stores carrying the Trump label, Ivanka may be looking at hard times in the future after her dad loses the presidential race. All that work just to lose your company because daddy is a no good sexist pig; it’s a shame really.

Let’s just hope Ivanka’s filling of her dad’s shoes doesn’t spill over to her personal life.

Feature Image Via Slate

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