We’re One Week In And The Hate Crimes Are Piling Up Faster Than We Can Count (TWEETS)

Here we are just a few days into the new reality of Donald Trump’s America and already over 200 Hate Crimes have been reported since the election — ranging from swastika graffiti to physical assaults.

There is a growing list of hate-based harassment and violence being reported by minority groups in the past 120 hours. The claims include attacks against Muslims, African Americans, and LGBTQ.

Here’s a typical example from Shaun King, Senior Justice Writer for NY Daily News:


There are reports of women having their hijabs ripped off. One teacher said that a 10-year-old girl had to be picked up from school after a boy grabbed her vagina, saying if a president can do it, he can, too.

In Southern Illinois University White students celebrated Donald Trump’s win in blackface in front of a confederate flag. Asian Americans have been receiving racist death threats, and pride flags were being burned outside the homes of Gay residents.

We also have multiple reports of women being sexually assaulted with the excuse being “Trump won the presidential race.”

There was even a group of fifth graders chanting “Build a wall!”

It’s hard to imagine things improving anytime soon. For many, President-elect Trump with his venomous base of Alt-Right minions, is a nightmare come true.

Featured Image By K-Screenshots Via Flickr/CC-2.0.

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