The Reason Ben Carson Refuses To Serve In Trump Admin Is HILARIOUS (VIDEO)

Dr. Ben Carson as Secretary of Education: the idea was enough to make everyone but the most backwoods-dwelling snake-handling religious wingnuts cringe. When Donald Trump pegged Carson for the position earlier this week, we would have wondered what the heck he was thinking — except that this is Trump we’re talking about, and “Trump” and “thinking” don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Carson On Evolution: Fairy Tales And Cadillacs

Dr. Carson may be a brain surgeon, but he appears to be missing some grey matter of his own. He calls evolution a fairy tale, comparing the process to that of automobile manufacturing.

“Well, the first thing is, how does something come out of nothing?

“And the second thing is, how does life evolve from non-life? Which, if you want to talk about fairy tales, those are incredible fairy tales.

“And the other thing is there are no intermediate species … Where are they? It shouldn’t just evolve up to a certain point and then leap to the next species. There should be something in between at all given points of time, and there aren’t, and no one’s ever found them.

“Well, the evolutionists look at the similarities that you see in the various life forms and they say, because this creature and this creature share the same type of digestive system or the same type of structures in their head, that clearly one evolved from the other.

“I don’t know how clear that is … Because if you have an intelligent designer, why wouldn’t he use a basic structure that works on multiple different creatures? Just like an automobile manufacturer. General Motors, same basic chassis as Chevrolet, a Buick, a Pontiac, or a Cadillac. And yet, they’re all different. And one did not evolve from the other.”

Carson does have a valid point in that the Cadillac did not, in fact, evolve from a Chevrolet. Still, it was a relief when he turned down the unofficial appointment. His reason, like much of what he says, was hilarious. Carson’s close friend and business manager Armstrong Williams explained the good doctor’s decision.

“Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency.”

According to Armstrong, Trump’s employment offer to Carson was open-ended, but Carson wasn’t interested.

“The President-elect offered him anything he wanted to do. But in the end he didn’t want anything. His background didn’t prepare him to run a federal agency.”

Let that sink in for a minute.

No Government Experience

Carson’s lack of government experience didn’t stop him for running for president early in the election season. He lost to Trump in the primaries, and the election results prove that clearly, government experience isn’t a prerequisite for a high-ranking government position.

Let’s not remind Dr. Carson of that, though. The further he is from anything related to education, the better.


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