If Trump Produces ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ He Should Fire Himself (VIDEO)

By all accounts, President-elect Donald Trump is ill-prepared to be leader of the free world. Despite being the first elected president with no government or military experience, he opts out of daily intelligence briefings. His phone calls with foreign leaders have been both embarrassing and dangerous.

Nonetheless, he recently decided that he can successfully split his focus between being President of the United States and working as a producer for sub-par reality television.

Variety reported that Trump will be an executive producer on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice, which will be hosted by fellow celebrity-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger. Of course, this brings up all sorts of new questions about conflicts of interest.

A Tangled Media Web

Other presidents have taken on paid projects while in office. President Barack Obama, for example, earned royalties on his 2010 book Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters while acting as president.

Trump’s role as executive producer is different, however. For one thing, the Celebrity Appearance is broadcast on NBC. NBC is also one of the most prominent mainstream news sources.

This creates a daunting potential conflict of interest, particularly since Trump has taken issue with their news coverage in the past.

As recently as November, Trump verbally attacked an NBC News journalist at one of his rallies. The ensuing harassment and heckling by his supporters raised questions of journalist safety at Trump events.

Also, Comcast owns NBC. And the FCC recently slammed Comcast with the largest cable fine in history. Since the FCC is a federal entity, Trump will be in control of it beginning in January.

Unsurprisingly, this tangled web is making many Liberal journalists and pundits very unea sy.

And it’s not alleviated one bit by Trump’s history on the Apprentice. In addition to making brutish, lewd remarks, he also allegedly sexually assaulted a former contestant in a hotel room.

Unfortunately, blatant conflicts of interest are likely to be a defining feature of the next four years.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.