Sick Of Looking At Trump’s Face? There’s An App For That (TWEET)

He hasn’t even been inaugurated yet, and already a lot of people have seen way too many pictures of President-elect Donald Trump. We all need a laugh, or at least a smile. Now, a new Chrome extension will block pictures of Donald Trump and replace them with pictures of kittens. It’s called Make America Kittens Again. It’s available as a Chrome extension in the Google store. Here is a handy picture to use as a test. Get the extension, then refresh this page to see if it worked (No, seriously, it works on Liberal America – try it).

Kudos To The Creator

The extension is the creation of Tom Royal, a British technology journalist, editor, and developer. Royal also is co-founder of Apptitude Media. He has created several extensions for Chrome and Firefox, and apps for iPhone. He has made several to replace pictures of things or people one might prefer not to see with photos of kittens. In particular, he targeted the royal wedding in 2011 and British political figure Nigel Farage.

Farage has visited Donald Trump three times since the election. Royal said the news in Britain is that Farage is moving to the United States. The President-elect has suggested that he be appointed ambassador.


Politics Are Global

Why would someone in London gift unhappy Americans with this Trump blocker? Royal told me that the British press has covered the U.S. elections in detail. What happens here affects people in the UK. People there are getting tired of Trump, too.

Here’s what he says on the extension page in Chrome:

“Because, seriously, f*** that guy!’

“A. Trump is a disgrace.

“B. Kittens are lovely, and

“C. I couldn’t find a Creative Commons photo of a blobfish to use.”

Growing Popularity

The extension has been downloaded nearly 19,000 times. Apparently, it has been out since February. Recent press coverage in Glamour and Business Insideramong others, has led to a spike in downloads in the last few days.

Using The App

The extension is lots of fun. It’s not perfect, though. There are sites where it doesn’t work, including the Washington Post, Atlantic magazine, Facebook, and Twitter. It does work (at least it worked for me) on the New York Times, Liberal America, and, to some extent, on the Chicago Tribune. It worked for some reviewers on Politico, but not for me. Still, it’s a pleasure to see a a kitten instead of He Whom I’d Rather Not Name.

Now if only there were an app to replace his voice.

Featured image from Deborah on Flickr available under CC Attribution 2.0 license.

Michelle Oxman is a writer, blogger, wedding officiant, and recovering attorney. She lives just north of Chicago with her husband, son, and two cats. She is interested in human rights, election irregularities, access to health care, race relations, corporate power, and family life.Her personal blog appears at She knits for sanity maintenance.