Excuse Me While I Bust These 7 Stereotypes Against The Millennial Generation (VIDEO)

I am a Millennial; we are the generation that is aged 18 to 34. Many people in older generations see us as lazy, entitled, and who knows what else. People say we need constant praise at work and elsewhere.

Yes, there are jerks in every group, but we are not like this. Here are some of the most common stereotypes against us and why they are false:

1. We Job-Hop

Many employers are hesitant to hire someone who job hops. A lot of us want to find a job that we can stay at for a while. Some employers may reject someone who has had a lot of past jobs. They usually prefer someone who will stay at their job at least a year. I get that some employers don’t want to waste the time training someone who will leave.

2. We Are Slackers

Many people associate us with being on Facebook all the time and talking about vacations. However, we are not trying to be lazy slackers because we ask for a day off. We are just trying to achieve good work-life balance. People burn out when they work too much. We’re only human. We watched our parents work ridiculously long hours, and we don’t want to be that bad. Some of us end up being workaholics anyway, but work-life balance is a good thing.

3. We Hold A Sense Of Entitlement.

We were taught about basic benefits of work such as maternity leave or paid overtime. We were taught to speak up about our want and needs. We want to be outspoken and be agents of change. That’s not a bad thing.

4. We Only Want To Work At Big Companies.

The size of the company is not as important as how they treat their employees. We want flexibility and opportunities to grow and learn. We want an employer who takes care of their staff. The size of the company is just one small part of the equation when we decide who we want to work for.

5. We Are Glued To Our Phones

We are no more attached to our phones than the previous generation. However, we have access to more technology now. We can connect with people around the world in an instant. We use these things to our advantage.  Do you need to fact-check something in a meeting? We’ve got it.

6. We Can’t Handle Money

Yes, there are some of us who get irresponsible with our money. Many of us are saving our asses off trying to pay off student loans and one day afford a house or a car or other dreams. We care about our money and want to save. However, it’s not our primary focus. There are other ways to be happy.

7. We Don’t Have Concrete Beliefs

On the contrary, many of us have very strong beliefs and are outspoken about them. We are also very open-minded and accepting. We are in touch with the fact that everyone is different, and we all have different beliefs.

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