Brothers Pull Back (Sort Of) From Pay-To-Play Trump Fundraiser (VIDEO)

The Washington Post reports that the original invitations to an “Opening Day” fundraiser offered an opportunity to meet with the President-elect at a private reception for a $500,000 donation to unnamed conservation charities. The invitation listed Donald, Jr. and Eric Trump as honorary co-chairs on a copy made public by TMZ.

New “Charitable” Foundation

The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) reported on December 19, 2016, that the Opening Day Foundation, a new charitable foundation registered with the Texas Secretary of State, named Donald, Jr. and Eric as directors. The other two are Gentry Beach, a Dallas-based investor, and Tom Hicks, Jr., reportedly the son of a Texas billionaire. A copy of the organizing document is available on the same page.

The Brothers’ Involvement

According to the Post, the Eventbrite page for the event listed Donald, Jr. and Eric as the organizers. As of December 21, 2016, the page has been updated to list the Opening Day Foundation as the organizer. The page still lists the brothers as honorary co-chairs, however.

Interestingly, the invitation includes:

“Opening Day is your opportunity to play a significant role as our family commemorates the inauguration of our father, friend, and President Donald J. Trump.”

Trump Team’s Response

Hope Hicks, a spokesperson for the Trumps, told the Post that the Trump brothers were not involved with the event “in any capacity.” She said that the Opening Day event was still just a concept that had not been approved by the Trump family. However, other organizers of the event told the Post that the brothers participated in planning discussions. Hicks also said that the President-elect was not aware of the event or the pertinent details.

The “Charitable” Purpose

Liberal America has reported several times on Donald Trump’s odd interpretation of the word “charity.” So, naturally, we’d like to know where this money will go. The invitations say:

“All net proceeds from the Opening Day event will be donated to conservation charities.”

There is nothing to tell the wise donor which conservation charities will benefit, let alone how the “net proceeds” will be calculated. But some of the rewards for large donations look pretty pricey. Contributors who give $1 million are to receive:

  • four guitars autographed by an unspecified Opening Day performer
  • a private reception with an opportunity to have a picture taken with the President for themselves and 16 guests
  • an elite hunter’s package with commemorative details
  • a multi-day hunting and/or fishing trip for four guests with Eric and/or Donald, Jr. and team

A $500,000 donation buys the same package, but only two autographed guitars, two guests on the trip, and eight guests and photo-ops at the reception. Toby Keith and Alabama are slated to play at the event.

Featured image via Politico.

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