Four Of The Most IMPORTANT Political Stories To Follow In 2017 (VIDEO)

This is a very interesting time in our nation’s history where two sides of the country are bearing down and coming nose to nose in a political, economic, and social manner that we haven’t seen in decades. Ethics seem to be thrown out the window and the old flames of racism and misogyny have been ignited by the regime change in Washington.

CNN recently sat down with some of the most influential reporters in our country to talk about the upcoming year and what specific stories they believe will be game changers in 2017. As we can already see through Congress’s bold initiatives and President-elect Donald Trump’s backing of deplorable politicians and businessman, this country is going to change and quickly.

Here are the top four political stories the whole world will be following through 2017.

An Upside Down White House

It is no secret that the President-elect is anything but traditional but everyone is wondering just how different Trump will make the White House. People have speculated everything from a gold inlay throughout to a constant Tweet train at three in the morning. Matt Viser of the Boston Globe, talking to CNN, stated:

“He is a radical departure, as we know, from just about anything we’ve seen in modern politics. 2017, to me, is going to be marked by change, and … him taking over these things, like a state dinner, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, press conferences, tweeting, his relationships with Congress. I think he is so unconventional, and he’s taking over an office that is steeped in tradition. So the question is, how much will he conform to these offices? And how much will he upend them?”


Trump, Priebus, And The Media


It has been known since day one that Trump does not like the media, even though good and bad coverage is what ultimately won him the White House. Already Trump has dismembered and beat down media that disagrees or pushes against Trump, his family, and his cabinet. NPR’s Domenico Montanaro told CNN:

“Things like press conferences and assigned seating, which sounds kind of arcane, but actually started in 1981 as a way for administrations, both Republican and Democratic, to not show favoritism or an appearance of favoritism toward any specific reporter. But what’s gotten under the skin of some of the Trump transition officials is that they think that a lot of reporters do a lot of showboating in the White House.”

The Democrats And War On The GOP

When President Obama was elected Republicans began his term in office fighting him tooth and nail on every single thing he attempted to do, even if it was for the betterment of our country. They continued that plight even up to most recent when the Republican Congress attempted to bar the Ethics Office from interfering. When talking with Jackie Kucinich from the Daily Beast, she stated:

“When Obama was elected, Republicans very quickly made themselves a force to be reckoned with and [they] could not be ignored. Can Democrats do the same in 2017? Who’s going to emerge as the leader of that effort? They’re about to watch everything they hold near and dear either changed or dismantled entirely. How hard are they going to fight? And will they be effective in getting their way on anything?”

The Battle Of Healthcare

One of the biggest topics during the election season was Obamacare. At first Trump was all about completely getting rid of Obamacare immediately but once Congress took session they realized that they would have to break it down and rebuild if they didn’t want a massive uprising on their hands. Unfortunately with Ryan at the head our Social Security and healthcare are as good as gone. The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty posed some important questions, asking:

“Do the Republicans have a plan? Will they be able to come up with a plan that can actually cover … (the) 20 million or so who’ve gotten benefits under it (Obamacare)? And also, can the Democrats face up to the fact that there have been some problems in affordability, in sort of the scope of coverage of Obamacare as it stands?”

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