Alec Baldwin Doesn’t ‘Apple-Agize,’ Trolls Trump Before He’s Sworn In (TWEET, VIDEOS)

As celebrated as Alec Baldwin’s epic send-ups of Donald Trump on “Saturday Night Live” have been in the reality-based world, a number of Trump’s more thin-skinned supporters think that Baldwin is nothing less than evil. Well, apparently Baldwin must have heard them. Baldwin was one of the guests at an anti-Trump rally in Manhattan on Thursday night. Guess what? He went right into character.

Baldwin had already hinted that “SNL” won’t be the only place we’ll see him troll the newly sworn-in occupant of the White House. It didn’t take him long to deliver on that promise. He was one of the guests at the “We Stand United” rally outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower. The rally, organized by MoveOn, featured a star-studded guest list–Baldwin, Cher, Michael Moore, Robert de Niro, Sally Field, Natalie Merchant, Bill de Blasio, and many more.

Now that’s a lot more impressive than the dud of a concert that took place in Washington around the same time. And it became even more impressive when Baldwin took the stage–and almost immediately went after Trump. Watch here.

Baldwin/Trump said that he’d been standing outside and really, really, wanted to pee. But he wasn’t–yet. Instead, he was going to wait until he dropped by a function at the Russian consulate on the Upper East Side, a short subway ride away from the Trump International Hotel.

“I’m going to hold it in until I get there. And then when I get to the Russian consulate, I’m going to have a really, really long pee. Like the biggest pee I’ve ever had in my lifetime.”

Baldwin then dropped out of character to urge the crowd–estimated at around 20,000 to 25,000–to join in Moore’s call for “100 days of resistance” against Trump. From what Baldwin has seen, Trump and friends think that everyone in New York City and elsewhere who opposed Trump is “going to lay down.” He had a message for Trump–“New Yorkers never lay down.” And neither will the rest of the country who voted against Trump. At least, not until Trump takes Baldwin’s offer to release his tax returns in return for Baldwin backing off.

Notice how Baldwin asked for details about where he could join the “comedy army”? Well, before Baldwin took the stage, Moore told the crowd that one of the best ways to fight Trump was by holding him up for ridicule.

Moore pointed out that while Trump doesn’t seem to be affected by the press calling him out, he is affected by people making fun of him. As we’ve already seen, the slightest ridicule is usually enough for Trump to go into unhinged rants on Twitter. Moore thinks Trump’s thin-skinned nature is “his Achilles heel.” He called for the crowd to join an “army of comedy” that would prove “the emperor has no clothes.”

Cliff Notes version: if we follow Baldwin’s example, maybe, just maybe, Trump will trip himself up a lot sooner than anyone could have thought. Sign me up.

(featured image: screenshot from NBC)

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