Jane Fonda Tweets Amazing Unity Speech By Rev. Barber Then Gets Trolled By Not-Trump (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Renowned actress and activist Jane Fonda has tweeted a message of resistance. Fonda tweeted a video by Rev. Barber of North Carolina. His video is basically a message of hope. He says we need to stand together against anything that is morally bankrupt and to stand united against things that are unconstitutional.

This is why so many people marched on Washington. Barber makes the great point that we need to stand together against things that are categorically wrong.

People marched on the weekend to fight against racism, low wages, sexism, inequality, and bullying. Rev. Barber started a peaceful Moral Monday march in 2013 in North Carolina to bring people together on issues. Issues like low wages and like Black Lives Matter. By doing this, he believes that most people are against problems of inequality and racism.

Barber’s believes we can achieve change by being a united people. Black, brown, and white standing together, liberals and conservatives standing together, left and right standing together against injustice in the form of racism, sexism, and class.

Barber is saying if we address each issue based on morality – good can come.

It is a video of hope.

Fonda tweeted:

As for a fake Donald Trump account, this one replied to her tweet just as you would expect the real President to react. He attacked Fonda calling her a ‘has-been’ and said that she has never had an ‘honest’ job in her life. He then added that she knows nothing about ‘ordinary Americans.’ The irony of this statement when Trump himself was born a multi-millionaire – seriously.

See the reply here:


The Rev. Barber made such a great speech; how sad that fake Trump did not listen to it. Instead, parody account or not, he bullied and put down a great activist. Barber says when we stop dividing ourselves with all of these labels and look at actual moral issues, we can stand united.

In the passionate video, he also says if we have defeated slavery and won equal rights for women, then we can defeat this current challenge by standing up. The people who marched on the weekend stood up, Bernie stands up, we need to all stand up and rally for righteous moral issues one by one.

Watch the inspiring video here:


Featured image via screengrab/ Twitter .