Rachel Maddow Provides Epic List Of Obama Stats And Achievements (VIDEO)

On President Obama’s last day in office, Rachel Maddow proudly listed off the accomplishments of Obama and his administration over the last eight years. From LGBTQ rights to healthcare for all, President Obama gave this country something to be proud of.

After describing the life and legacy of Justice Sotomayer, and pointing out that Obama had selected her as the first Latina Supreme Court Justice, she then went on to discuss so many other achievements and historical choices the Obama administration made during the last two terms in office, despite Republicans blocking him at every turn. Maddow stated:

“Today, on the last full day of the Obama Administration, Cabinet nominations for the INCOMING administration are now complete. With the announcement that former Georgia governed, Sonny Perdue will be the nomination for the next Agriculture Secretary. With that announcement, we KNOW we are about to get the first cabinet since the 1980’s that doesn’t have a single person in it that is Latina. “

Maddow continues by talking about the record-setting high school graduation under President Obama, the extreme decline in unemployment from ten percent to just over four percent, and the longest streak ever of private sector job growth. It is, despite the badmouthing and lies from the Republican opposition, very well-known that from a rover on Mars to a major prison decline, Obama is one of the most successful presidents in our nation’s history.

Rachel Maddow’s educated speech on President Obama makes us realize just how much he will be missed, but, also shows that if Trump wants to meet any of the promises he has set to the public, he will have a huge mountain to climb with very small hands.

Here is Maddow’s full speech on President Obama:

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