Chelsea Defends Barron, Proves Bullying Kids Isn’t Political (TWEETS/VIDEO)

A former First Child has come out swinging in defense of Barron Trump, the youngest child of President Donald Trump. In a world where it takes seconds to bully someone online, she reminded people to never attack a minor because of their parents.

That person was Chelsea Clinton.

Bipartisan Support

After some people began to attack Barron, Chelsea quickly took to Twitter and asked them to stop.

Chelsea grew up in the White House while her father, Bill Clinton, was president. She also witnessed her mother, Hillary Clinton, lose last year’s presidential election to Barron’s father.

Which makes her defense of Barron all the more surprising.

His father ran a campaign filled with racist rhetoric and sparked many hate crimes. He repeatedly lashed out at Chelsea’s mother and failed to hide his blatant misogyny. While some have taken to attacking all of his family members, including Barron, many liberals agree that’s hitting below the belt.

Before former Democratic President Barack Obama took office, his daughters received a letter from another set of prior First Children. Barbara and Jenna Bush, whose father is former Republican President George W. Bush, sent a heartfelt letter to Sasha and Malia.

Chelsea Was Attacked

Chelsea endured much criticism while her father was in office. The media often made fun of her appearance, even though she was just a teenager. This included right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh, who once called her the White House dog.

Saturday Night Live also made fun of her back when she was the first daughter. The executive producer, Lorne Michaels, later apologized. He acknowledged that she didn’t ask to be put in the spotlight.

The Party Of Morals

The next four years will undoubtedly generate many memes and SNL sketches. Our news feeds will be filled with political posts that will be polarizing and may, at times, divide our families. We’ve already seen hateful comments from Trump supporters, who appear to feel threatened by us using our First Amendment right.

Which is why we must refrain from attacking Barron.

The good news is that, while people from both sides continue to throw stones at each other, most agree that Barron is off limits.

Watch this video from the National Institute of Mental Health about the effects of childhood bullying.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via Twitter