BREAKING: Sean ‘Whiny Spice’ Spicer Just Tweeted His Own Password (VIDEO)

The omnishambles continues unabated.

As if the news that President Donald Trump insists on using an unsecured Android phone so that he can keep in touch with his golf buddies, teenage beauty queen groupies and Kremlin superiors wasn’t enough we have this.

Trump’s Press secretary Sean Spicer, a man who is to information as Agent Orange is to a green salad seems to have just tweeted out his password.

His fucking password!


There are times when a journalist needs to ease the audience into a story; to begin with, some background, or perhaps a pithy observation or two. Subheadings must be thought of and carefully placed; some might be amusing, others designed to tease the reader into reading on just a little bit further.

Not today.

Today we need only ask one simple question.

What the actual fuck?

Spice World

We’ve all done it. Cut and paste the password from one locale to another and then made some slight error in the pressing of certain buttons. We’ve all sent the odd sext to a mate instead of a lover and enjoyed the gentle ribbing that ensues from one direction and the livid stares from another.

And hey, let’s be fair to Spicer, it’s a good password! There’s no hilariously ‘not really hack proof’ porn star name created from dead pets and maiden names. He’s not used his birthday or added the numbers 99 to his favorite superhero.

Nobody can accuse him of being slack in that regard.

Of course, he did just sort of leak to the world what might well be the format of White House passwords. Eight characters, no capitals and a mixture of letters and numbers, but fuck it it’s not like Russia needs to hack the U.S. now that their man is in place anyway.

So, the news is mostly not that bad if only because it’s not that surprising.

After all, several of Trump’s top aides are already using the very same private email servers that before the election they felt warranted Hillary Clinton’s execution by electric chair but hey, if we wanted consistency then we probably shouldn’t have voted for a man with all the self-control of a puppy trapped inside a deli counter.

Oh, wait, most of us didn’t.

Still, it’s best not to think too long and hard about such things. Because what began as Schadenfreude takes on a more sinister hue if too much thought is applied to it.

Because these guys are in charge of national security. These guys have the nuclear codes.

Their incompetence amuses only up to the point where we realize that they have the power to ruin people’s lives, to truly fuck things up for millions of people.

As for Spicer?

He can always try to use an alternative password.

I hear they are just as good as the real thing.

Let’s Fact Check Sean Spicer. It’s a new game the whole family can play.

Featured image from YouTube video.


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