Vanity Fair Throws Major Shade At Melania And Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Between the election trail where President Trump basically called all Mexicans rapists and criminals, and his new executive orders aimed at building a wall between us and Mexico and increasing border patrol, we can assume our relationship with the Latin American country is not in tip top shape.

In fact, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto canceled a meeting between himself and Trump after tensions began to boil over. In a, skirt around the issue attempt to fund the wall, Trump is talking about posing a 20 percent tariff on all goods imported into the United States from Mexico, a cost that would surely be passed to American citizens.

The same day that the meeting was supposed to take place Vanity Fair Magazine- Mexico released the cover of the latest edition of Vanity Fair Mexico, an obvious punch towards Trump.

The tweet translates to:

“Melania Trump, on February cover. A  report that reveals the past of this intriguing first lady.”

While the tweet doesn’t translate so badly, the bi-line of the article once opened up reads:

“Her family background, the tactics to deal with her husband, and how she plans to become the new Jackie Kennedy.”

Yes, please Melania, we all need to know how to “deal” with your husband. I won’t give away too much from the article but let’s just say this issue isn’t holding back their jabs, or right hooks for that matter, at the President. The first paragraph states:

“If she suffered a terrible car accident, her husband would not abandon her, of course, as long as her breasts were intact. Timid, beautiful and accommodating, Melania Trump spoke to Julia Ioffe about her relationship with the new president of the United States. She revealed clues to how she plans her first lady role and watch how she reacted (badly) to the family secrets she left behind in Slovenia.”

Though the original material was from GQ’s April issue, both publications are owned by Conde Nast and material is often passed around. Given the tumultuous relationship between Vanity Fair’s U.S. edition editor, Graydon Carter, and Trump, it is not shocking at all that it would explode into an all out assault on Trump and Melania. After Carter’s unflattering review of Trump’s restaurant and Trump’s usual temper-tantrum Trump tweeted:

I can not wait to see what Trump has to say about this one.

Featured image via Vanity Fair Mexico/Twitter.

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