Jim Bakker: If You Don’t Like Trump, You Must Be Demon Possessed (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that the religious right has sold its soul to Donald Trump. But we got a lovely idea of just how loyal they are to the Donald in the aftermath of the Women’s March. They seem to think that if you stand against him, you’re only doing so because you’re influenced by the forces of evil.

Two of Trump’s favorite pastors, Rick Joyner and Lance Wallnau, claimed the some three million women who attended marches around country were influenced by witchcraft. Another Trump-worshiping preacher, Jim Bakker, chalked it up to demonic influence. So standing up for women, and calling out a guy who revels in degrading and objectifying them, is a sign that you’re being swayed by dark forces? How is that possible?

Well, to hear Joyner talk, it’s because ALL of those who oppose Trump are being influenced by the devil. And apparently Bakker agrees. On Thursday, while telling his audience about his trip to Washington for the inauguration and the Women’s March, Bakker declared that anyone who dares raise his voice against Trump is possessed by the devil himself. People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip.

Bakker recalled that when Trump was taking the oath, “four rotten girls” started walking around holding signs saying “Not My President” and other anti-Trump slogans. It prompted Bakker to scream, “Get them outta here!” The Capitol Police hauled them away. As far as he was concerned, those “rotten little girls” were among the millions in this country who were possessed by demons.

How did that happen? Well, Bakker claimed that recently, our leaders have “opened our country to demon powers,” resulting in “millions of demon-possessed people in this country.” It’s the only way Bakker can explain how anyone can “come against a whole country” by protesting against Trump at his inauguration.

His wife, Lori, and special guest, fellow evangelist, Billye Brim, both agreed; they claimed that those girls were only protesting because of “the demons behind them.” Later, Brim delivered a message to her viewers in the Washington area–they didn’t have to sit and “let those demons gather around that (National) Mall.” She suggested that they pray that the demons influencing Trump’s followers “become confused” and “come to nothing.”

So if we stand against a president who has effectively declared war on freedom of the press, we’re letting the devil control us. When we oppose a president who tries to politicize national security by putting his top political operative on the National Security Council, it’s because there are demons behind us. If we condemn a president who can’t be bothered to ensure executive orders are workable or legal, we’re possessed by demons. And if we express concern over a president using an unsecured cell phone that literally can’t be updated for security, it’s demonic. And if we call out a president for blatantly intimidating the judiciary, we need something to be cast out of us.

I could go on, but you get the idea. If we exercise our First Amendment right to criticize this president–especially when that president is possibly the most unfit and unqualified occupant of the White House in memory–it’s because of demonic influence. The mind reels. I wanted to ask Bakker for some clarification, but when I tried to do so on Twitter, I discovered this.

Screenshot courtesy Bakker's Twitter
Screenshot courtesy Bakker’s Twitter

Looks like Bakker thinks that being faced with reality is demonic.

I’d wondered how it was even remotely possible for the religious right to continue to back Trump even in the face of his many outrages on the campaign trail, and especially the Access Hollywood tapes. Well, now I have my answer. Those that pass for leadership on the religious right had their followers so convinced that Trump was their ticket to rolling back abortion and marriage equality that any form of opposition to him was nothing less than demonic.

One of my close friends, who like me is a radical-lefty charismatic/pentecostal Dem, has suspected for some time that God was using Trump to show them that he wouldn’t honor just anyone or anything with an “R” next to it. I’m starting to think more and more that she’s right. .

Consider yourself warned, Jim. When Trump is drummed out of office by way of a landslide reelection defeat, a forced resignation, or impeachment and removal, we will remember how you branded us as tools of the devil. You may have gotten a second chance after being jailed for your crimes at PTL. But after this, we will make sure you don’t get a third chance at redemption. After all, by bowing down to Trump and claiming that we have demons in us for rightly calling him out, you will deserve to be dragged down with him.

(featured image courtesy Bakker’s Facebook)

Darrell is a 30-something graduate of the University of North Carolina who considers himself a journalist of the old school. An attempt to turn him into a member of the religious right in college only succeeded in turning him into the religious right's worst nightmare--a charismatic Christian who is an unapologetic liberal. His desire to stand up for those who have been scared into silence only increased when he survived an abusive three-year marriage. You may know him on Daily Kos as Christian Dem in NC. Follow him on Twitter @DarrellLucus or connect with him on Facebook. Click here to buy Darrell a Mello Yello.