BREAKING – Unanimous Decision Reached By Courts On Trump ‘Travel Ban’

President Donald J. Trump’s Executive “travel ban” will stay on hold as the three judges from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, CA have unanimously voted against it.

Judge Richard Clifton, Judge Michelle Friedman, and Judge William Canby spent over an hour on Tuesday hearing oral arguments with representatives from the Department of Justice and Washington state before laying out their 29-page ruling on Thursday evening.

It was found that both Washington and Minnesota garnered sufficient evidence that a reinstatement of the ban would be highly damaging to them, and the government did not provide enough evidence to outweigh the risks. Trump took to Twitter almost immediately with threats to overrule the hearing.

Trump has done anything but keep quiet about his irritation of the challenges against his ban and has taken to Twitter repeatedly since the 9th District took up the case.

This announcement comes on the heels of media attention that has been placed on the GOP bill that has begun heating up again on Capital Hill that would ultimately dismantle the 9th District and take much of it’s power away.

These court hearings have been the topic of everyone across the country including over 130,000 people who tuned in to YouTube to hear the arguments live. There has not been any word as of yet on how the White House and the Trump administration plans on attacking this but we are sure to hear plenty over Twitter.

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